Hello and Happy holidays to each of you. Several months ago I was interviewed for a short film on the transformative power of story. This week, i’m sharing my answers to some questions about how my life made this story and what brought my story to life, please check back each day.

Why misfit miracle girl?

We live in a world where we are all too comfortable defining people by their labels, which is not to say that we shouldn’t acknowledge and honor heritage, ethnicity and any other belief system that makes us who we are. But, for me, I’ve been labeled misfit or miracle. I don’t like that divisive concept. The title is also a play on words because in this role I’ve learned that people have very strong beliefs or disbelief in miracles. There are people who think I am a miracle and therefore I should act, talk or even think a certain way. On the flip side, those who don’t believe in miracles place their own judgment on me because in certain circles I have been given this title, I must not be interested in secular opinions. Again, with the divisiveness! Why do we set ourselves up to be devalued?  I have felt out of place just like everyone else at one time and this book is about ownership of my existence, getting comfortable with the fact that I am both a misfit and a miracle and everything in between, because I’m human.  I think we all experience these dichotomies at one time or another.

Do miracles exist?

The short answer is yes, they do. But, I still think in society we set ourselves up to fall short in the miracle department. If I had a miracle it should in no way mean, I’m better than you or more deserving. I think life in all of its pain and suffering and joy and hope is equally miraculous. There is no greater miracle than the journey of human experience, but we’ve established a good so that we can identify bad and we’ve set up judgment about what’s right so we can tell others their wrong. By that logic I am the recipient of a miracle but if I speak or step out of turn, I’m not doing enough with it maybe I didn’t deserve it… The circumstance of humanity is all around us and tangible. For me that is miraculous. Using it as a metric like keeping up with the Jones’ is wasteful and diminishes our experiences.

kate-d-mahoney-misfit-miracle-girlKate D. Mahoney is a professional storyteller, actorvist and author who travels the country to share anecdotes from life as patient and caregiver- it’s crisis, but with jazz hands. Please email kate@katedmahoney.com to schedule a speaking engagement.

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